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Blushing Bride Vintage Art Deco Illustration

Blushing Bride Art Deco Watercolor Illustration This elegant painting features a beautiful young bride who holds the classic matrimonial symbol of a dove in the palm of her hand. Art Deco Illustration by Eduardo...


Blue Moon Silk Stockings Vintage

Blue Moon Silk Stockings Vintage Advertisement  Blue Moon Silk Stockings, 1920s US vintage advertisement, featuring a beautiful blonde, sitting on a crescent moon. The painting is an interpretation of the masterpiece by Gustav Tenggren....


Alphonse Mucha Flirt

Alphonse Mucha Flirt Biscuits Lefevre-Utile (1895) Art Nouveau vintage advertising poster. “Flirt” was one of the brands of biscuits made by Lefevre-Utile, who gave Mucha a number of commissions over the years. Mucha was...


Grant Wood American Gothic

Grant Wood American Gothic Print Fine Art Painting American Gothic is a painting by Grant Wood in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Wood’s inspiration came from what is now known as...

A Formal Garden Print

Johannes Janson A Formal Garden

Johannes Janson A Formal Garden (1766) Johannes Janson is known for his idyllic landscapes filled with animals and village scenes. They were painted in the style of seventeenth-century Dutch artists such as Paulus Potter,...

Vintage World Map Print

Vintage World Map

Stoopendaal Vintage World Map This antique 1730 world map was drawn by Stoopendaal for publication in the Keur Bible. Based on Visscher’s map of 1663, this map depicts the world on a hemisphere projection...

Salon Des Cent Print

Paul Berthon Salon Des Cent

Paul Berthon Salon Des Cent French Art Nouveau Poster (1895) Salon des Cent (“Salon of the One Hundred”) was a commercial art exhibition in Paris, based at 31 Rue Bonaparte. The Salon sold color...

Fairy Zoo Print

William Timlin Fairy Zoo

William Timlin The Fairy Zoo Vintage children’s book fantasy art by South African author William Timlin from his book “The ship that sailed to Mars”. Buy fantasy art prints

Cat In A Ruff Print

Cat In A Ruff

Cat In A Ruff Cute Victorian vintage art. Mark Twain had this painting on the mantle in his library. Buy Cat In A Ruff prints

Audubon American Flamingo

Audubon American Flamingo

Audubon American Flamingo Beautiful and elegant flamingo art in vibrant colors with hints of coral red. Buy Flamingo prints